Monday, March 31, 2008

House Hunting in Maumelle, Arkansas

Waking up at the hotel on House Hunting Day 1...see how awake and fresh we look? We didn't look like that by the end of the day!!
Drinking my morning cup of milk. I can't start the day without it!
Here we are at the lake in Maumelle.
Somewhere in the neighborhood behind those trees is our house. We're less than a mile from the lake!

There's even a park at the lake with my favorite swings!!
After looking at 25 houses, here's the one we're moving into if all goes well.
The entry and dining room (which will be the office)

The family room...already wired for surround sound. Needless to say, Daddy is pumped about this! Mommy is too because there won't be wires all over the floor!!

The kitchen...the funky wallpaper will be gone before we move in!

My bathroom...Mommy forgot to take a picture of her bathroom, but she really likes it!
Mommy and Daddy's bedroom

The back of the house...see the big drop off from the patio? We have to get a rail put around it so I don't fall off! Daddy has a little work to do in the backyard, huh?

Here I am the last morning of our trip. I was so exhausted that Mommy and Daddy got ready and all packed up with the lights on, and I slept through it all. Very unlike me!!


Enjoying Spring the day before Easter...want a stick?
No? Ok, I'll just eat it!

Only Daddy followed directions. Mav, Mommy, and I weren't looking at the camera!

Playing with Daddy

Talking with the back of my hand!

Easter first present!

It was an Easter bib!

Maybe I woke up too early with all the Easter Bunny excitement!!!

Here I am dressed and looking for eggs. I did better than my parents thought I would. I found 6 eggs all by myself!

Checking out my Easter basket
Aren't I handsome in my Easter outfit from Paw Paw and Nanny?!
Mommy stole my Easter duck!
The best way to find the perfect toy is to get IN the toy box!! On our way to church...

Odds & Ends

One of my new hobbies...emptying out the drawers in the kitchen...especially the oh-so-loud baking tins!
Another hobby...playing with wires. I'm a ton of help during vacuuming! I love trying to sell our house since we have to vacuum all the time!

My new puppy towel I got for my birthday. I wasn't sure at first...

...but then I saw myself in the mirror and realized how cute I was!
Please, no more pictures from the papparazzi!
Mommy and Daddy were trying to get a picture of my two teeth.
It was a challenging project...they're kinda hard to see.
Here's my first teeth brushing!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Year Old!

Remember what I looked like in my one month picture??

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Ready for My Birthday Party

Here's Mommy making my birthday cake. It's her first cake...she tried really hard!
I had my own mini-cake!
We went out to dinner the night Magel's where my parents had their rehearsal dinner before their wedding.
My parents rarely give me juice, so I was chugging down, with my head way backwards. It must have been funny because everyone was laughing at me.
Reaching for Grandpa D
Grandpa D was supposed to help Daddy put together my surprise swingset, but as you can see, he wasn't much help!! Mommy and Nana had to help instead. The directions said it would only take 20 minutes to put together, so they timed it. It took 39 minutes! It wasn't their fault though...some of the holes weren't drilled. Daddy was secretly happy though because he got to use power tools (which Grandpa D continued to sleep through)!!

The Party! (the weekend before my birthday)

The day started with the perfect outfit. I'm wearing the same jacket Daddy wore on his first birthday! It was a little tight through the shoulders. Even though I'm little, I'm way more buff than my daddy was!

Here's the banner to set the theme--Puppies! Just like my room! Maybe next year I'll be really into something and decide on my own theme!! I really like Maverick, so puppies were good for this year.

I woke up to find my new swingset in the family room. It was just like Christmas morning! My favorite part was the straps on the swing!Ok, Mav and I are ready...where are all the presents?! Here I go!
I didn't need much help!!!

Nana helping me get the caterpillar out of the box. I wanted to play with every present I opened instead of going on to the next present!Maverick begging for attention during all the excitement!
Daddy playing in my new tunnelMe playing in my new has windows!Hanging out with Paw Paw
Hanging out with Nanny
I love my new O-Ring! Poppy VG picked it out just for me!
Here are all the partiers!
It was a beautiful day to grill out...sorry Poppy and Grandma in Ohio!! We were thinking about you in 21 inches of snow!!We lit the birthday candle from Poppy & "Mom", my Florida grandparents. Daddy told me how it works--I burn one year off every year for 21 years, and then I'm left with a stump. See Daddy's stump next to my candle? Mommy liked this idea because I have to spend my 21st birthday with my parents so I can burn the last number. She says that'll keep me out of trouble, whatever that means!!