Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day Off From School

Slept in, crafted (thanks, Grandma!), watched a Halloween movie, cleaned, wrote stories, played Monopoly, raked and played in leaves, soccer practice, swim was a GREAT day!!!

World Series Game 2

Late nights!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

World Series Game 1

Scoring the game....and B offered to do the dishes!! Go Tribe!!

Halloween School Dance

Halloween School Dance

Swim Season is Back!!!

Box Oven Pizzas

Did you know you can cook in a cardboard box???

Cub Scout Campout at Calumet County Park

Snuggling With the Old Man

Pre-Halloween Fun!

B went trick-or-treating at High Cliff State Park Campground with her friend. And then we got booed!! The kids checked out their loot and got some sticky skeletons to throw on the walls and ceiling.


Studying pennies, showing off his Lego Tie Fighter he built in one day, watching the Cowboys/Packers game, Girl Scout leaders wearing their old uniforms, and an Al Kaline mask made in art class.

Colder Days Are Coming

Check out Brooklyn's hat! B bought it at the school store with her hard-earned Bee Tickets, and guess who was working at the store when she bought it?? Her big brother. She said she didn't care how long his line was, she was going to wait in it so he would be the one to check her out. It was so sweet!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Soccer With the Boys!

B got the call to play on the boys' team today. She was loving it. She has been scrimmaging with them at practices and is the only girl playing soccer at recess. She's a tough cookie!!