Wednesday, December 28, 2011


While at Poppy and Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, they had a special treat planned for all of us...they had reserved seats on the POLAR EXPRESS!!  Just thinking of going on that magical train made Tyler and Brooklyn happy!
We were so excited that we left extra early to make sure we were first in line....
...Poppy and Grandma took good care of us...we were the very first ones there.  It was so cold and rainy that the conductor told us to wait in the car.  Thank goodness for the iPhone!

When the rain finally stopped, we got out and waited in line...we anxiously awaited the arrival of the Polar Express!
After we got on board, Santa's Elves came over to greet us and give us name tags!  Later on they sang Christmas carols with us and served us cookies and hot chocolate.  YUM!
Tyler and Brooklyn took good care of their golden tickets.  They didn't want them to blow away!
Once the train left the station, we decided to take a tour.  We heard a rumor that there was a gift store at the back of the train...first we went down the long hallway...
....then through the candy cane door...

...brief pause for a photo in between cars...
...and then we finally found it!
Poppy was pretty happy with our choice of popcorn!

Soon the conductor came by to punch our tickets.  He was very friendly and even stopped to sit with us for awhile!
Yummy hot chocolate!
We were getting close to the North Pole.  Brooklyn was watching intently for polar bears and penguins...
Those elves think of everything!  The squeegee was very handy to keep the glass clear!
We made it to the North Pole!
Hi Rudolf!
Did you hear the announcement?  The Head Elf said that Santa had had just boarded our train and that they would be coming around to find out what everyone wanted for Christmas!!
After Daddy and Poppy said a big "HO HO HO!" into the microphone, Brooklyn and Tyler got to announce their Christmas list to everyone on the train!  Can anyone guess what Tyler wanted?
SANTA!!  He brought bells for Tyler and Brooklyn...just like in the movie!  Tyler checked to make sure he didn't have a hole in his pocket!
After more than 2 hours, the Polar Express finally returned to the station.  What a magical trip!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


It all started the moment that Tyler and Brooklyn could see the least bit of sunshine coming in through their window!!
The very first gift that Tyler opened was a Green Bay Packer train from Poppy and Grandma!  How appropriate on a day that the Packers would ultimately clinch home field advantage vs. the Bears!

After that first gift it was controlled chaos at best...

I think that these stockings are bigger than the kids!

Apparently Santa wanted everyone to feel a little like Rudolf...
What a fun day!

Of course everyone knows that playing in a box is better than any present!

Talking with Poppy and Grandma...

Like our Christmas outfits?

See what happens when you use your toes as brakes when you're wearing your brand new shoes?