Sunday, July 30, 2017

Time to Celebrate!

Taking home 2 state ribbons for the breaststroke events!!! So proud of how hard this kid works!! He's bummed there's 6 weeks off before the fall/winter season starts!!!

Day 2

15th place 100m breaststroke--2nd in his heat!
27th place 50m free
Another great day and a tired sister!

Day 1

10th fastest 50m 10 & U breaststroker
19th fastest 200m 10 & U IMer
In the state of Wisconsin!!
And back to the fountain for a team celebration...still wouldn't get in it!!

The WI 12 & Under Long Course State Meet--Off to a Great Start!!

The first picture is of the last practice before the meet. The coaches had them visualize the state experience. Then we arrived Day 1 to discover that there is an 80's theme, and giant Rubik's Cubes were at the entrance!! We knew it was going to be a great meet for T! Then before the meet started, the coaches gave him the high-point award he won at last weekend's Silver State Meet. He earned the most points on his swims of all the 9-10 year old boys at the meet!! Quite the accomplishment. Then it was time to find his spot with the team and get focused! It's nice that he's been to this pool 4 times this summer. He's comfortable there!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Getting Beautified for Boise!

State Sendoff and Parent-Child Meet

The swim team had an end-of-season get together. The state swimmers were announced and given a goody bag. Then Tyler and Jeff chose their events for their parent-child fun swim meet. It was a crazy evening of relays and races. Jeff might be motivated to get back in the pool...Tyler was definitely gaining on him in the 100 IM...especially during the breaststroke!! He's going to have to work hard to stay ahead of T!!

End of Baseball

Last game tonight. Played an incredibly exciting game, but sadly came up one run short in the first round of the tournament. Grandpa D gave it his all though...wearing his shirt inside out...which he inadvertently did a few games ago and the team won big. Tyler had a great season though with lots of opportunity to pitch!!!

Silver State Meet

This meet was the last chance to qualify for the WI Long Course State Meet next weekend. Tyler qualified for 2 more events--the 200 IM and 50 Free!!! He had a terrific meet!! More pool time at the hotel. He even hung out with the girls on the team and TALKED to them. Making progress!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chef Brooklyn

While the boys were away at a swim meet, Chef Brooklyn cooked her favorite recipes from cooking camp. She got us all involved, and it was a blast. She cooked for 2.5 hours, and it was worth it. Sooooo delish. On the menu was a breakfast casserole, chocolate avocado pudding, pizza with homemade crust, Asian lettuce wraps, and an Indian mango yogurt drink. Awesomeness!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Unassisted Triple & Double Play

It was an INSANE last game of the season for B! She abruptly ended the first inning with an unassisted triple play--catching the pop fly as the third baseman, running to third and getting the girl out, and then running to second to get the girl out. THEN, later in the game she got an unassisted double play--catching the pop fly as the second baseman, getting the runner out at second, and then running to get the girl out on first! Best fielding of the season! Freezies for all afterwards!!

Cub Scout Camp 7

Cub Scout Camp 6