Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Future Hall of Famers

Future Hall of Famers, getting personalized mini-bats and the Cooperstown Bat Company, and T enjoying all of his loot on the way home. It was a perfect trip!!!

And Now Into The Actual Hall

Tyler enjoyed the hunt for all his faves!!! Check out the statues of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams...each carved out of a single piece of wood! Everything you see is wood--no cloth or leather!

A Few More Things and A Lunch Break

A Babe Ruth uniform and a baseball Rubik's Cube of all things! We had lunch at an outdoor restaurant to enjoy the beautiful weather and location...and worked off some silliness and did some baseball fact checking.

B's Cool Finds

She found a display about Alta Weiss with the photo she has in her baseball card collection. She learned who her tball team last year--"Gibson's Grays"--was named after. And she even found an American Girl doll!! She was a trooper!

The HOF!

Standing at the site of the first HOF induction where the greats once stood. The museum was just one amazing artifact after another!!!

Baseball Hall of Fame

Before we went inside, there was plenty to see outside! Brooklyn posed with Woman at Bat and then with a Johnny Padres of the Brooklyn Dodgers (she set a goal to find her name 10 times, but far exceeded and found 82 other references to Brooklyn throughout the day!). Tyler did his best Satchel Paige and Roy Campanella impressions!

Baseball Card Shops

In most places that Tyler visits, he will beg and plead for someone to take him the 10-20 miles to the only baseball card shop in town. So you imagine how incredible it was for him to be in Cooperstown where there were at least 10 different shops on one block! But of all the shops, it was Yastrzemski's that had his personal crown jewel. His favorite player .... An Al Kaline 1954 Rookie card!

Cooperstown! Doubleday Field

First stop in Cooperstown was Doubleday Field! Legend has it that Abner Doubleday invented baseball at this very spot!

Monday, June 27, 2016

T's Slo-mo dunk2

Check out this video on YouTube:


T's Slo-Mo Dunk

B's Slo-Mo Dunk

To Solon!

Baseball cards and pool...here we come!!!

Chickenfest Parade