Friday, January 20, 2017

Dance Clinic

B went to a clinic tonight taught by the Kimberly High School Dance Team. They learned a routine and performed it during halftime at a girls basketball game. So fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pinewood Derby--2nd Place!!!

His goal was a super fast car this year, and he did it!! 2nd place in Webelos!!! Super exciting!!

Pinewood Derby 3

Tyler won all of his heats!!! He was feeling good standing around waiting for the final results and awards!!!

Pinewood Derby

Dad and friends are professionals now. It was super organized and well-run!!! Tyler's first race out of four was a new track record...we knew it was going to be a good day! The record did fall...but keep reading for good news!!

Pinewood Derby

Having icy fun outside the school on set-up night. Will this be his second trophy-earning year??? Flag bearer in the Opening Ceremony. And Dad the event emcee! (He did a great job...he was even kinda funny!!!)

More Bathroom Building

Tyler left Brooklyn a surprise to wake up to this morning...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And the Winner Is...

MOM!!!!! Woohooo!! The trophy will be greatly cherished for the next year!!

Trophy Chairman

Poppy was named Trophy Chairman for our College Football Bowl Pick League. Here we are at the trophy reveal ceremony....get it?...FOOTBALL BOWL pick league??? All will be eagerly awaiting to see who wins this most-revered prize!!

Intro to Ramen

Apparently it's what Solon High School swimmers lived on. Ask Jeff how they made it and ate it. It involved boys' locker room showers.  Ew.

The Prankster...

Mom fell asleep watching football and woke up to shaving cream. Apparently Dad saved her...B's original plan was marker!!!!!!!

Pinewood & Powderpuff Derby Prep

First Game as Goalie!!!

She had a great first time out!!! Lots of blocked shots. Her team won, even with her own teammates scoring two goals on her!! 😬

Dry Ice

Thanks Poppy and Grandma for the Omaha Steak shipment. We had a blast and stayed up waaaaay too late on a school night playing with the dry ice!!! Very educational!

Another Olympic Gold Medalist!!

December's Student of the Month in her class!! Way to be Stinger Strong, B!!

Nana's Birthday!!