Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Trip to the Little Rock Zoo

This man wanted me to touch a snake!! He made me use hand sanitizer BEFORE I could touch it...wouldn't it make more sense for me to use it AFTERWARDS?!?!
Mommy was pleased that I touched it with caution!
In the monkey house...they're my favorite!! I'm going to be one for Halloween. We had already decided since monkey noises were my first animal sound, and now we know we made a good decision. I liked the monkeys at the zoo the best (well, the monkeys and watching the train go by).
I was mesmerized by the elephants...'s my look of concentration.
We tried out the monkey pack for the first time. My parents liked not having to chase after me all day!
Checking out the ducks...don't I look like a curious little boy? There's not much babyishness left!
More concentration...this time on a giant turtle.
Touching a lamb at the petting zoo
I found some signs of Texas!
Mommy was beat after our afternoon at the zoo. Not me! I still had all the energy in the world. I practiced my monkey skills and climbed all over her!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daddy's 31st Birthday

Daddy wanted to go camping. Yippee!! He took two days off of work, so we had a really long weekend to hang out! This is the end of day one after getting everything set up and exploring the area. You can't see the disgusting layer of filth all over me!! Camping is AWESOME!! Can you guess what I'm looking at?
Daddy starting the fire!!
The next day, we were refreshed and headed to Lake DeGray. Mommy's belly is getting poofy! It's getting harder to sit in her lap!
Check out our new boat!I learned some great manners in the putting my feet on the dinner table!
Somehow, Daddy convinced us to open presents 2 whole days BEFORE his birthday!
AND have cake early! (He wanted to be able to enjoy the cake ALL weekend!)
Grady and his parents came to visit for the day. We were able to try out the trailer with two riders. It was a hoot!
Daddy took us both for a boat ride.
What do you think?! Doesn't Daddy look good with two kids?!
After all the fun activities, we returned to the campsite for dinner. A few minutes after this picture, I fell asleep for the night right here with my head on the dinner table! Grady's daddy took a picture, so we'll add it to the blog when we get it!!
Here's the picture I promised! You can faintly see the mosquito bites on my forehead...I had a zillion of them this weekend. They didn't even bother me though. My parents couldn't believe it.
Enjoying breakfast by the fire light the last morning. See how dark it is??? No sleeping in for me while camping!!
By the last day, Maverick finally figured out there were squirrels all around us in the trees. He was out of sorts most of the weekend...he's more of the couch potato type dog!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm 18 Months!! A Whole Year-And-A-Half!!!

I think I'm finally bigger than the bear!!

Odds & Ends

I just built my largest tower ever!!
Clapping for my accomplishment
The Packers just scored a touchdown on MNF!!!!
This is my new friend Emily. We're three weeks apart. We have a playdate every week now. We enjoy playing "together"!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Projects

We took down the cardboard wall in my room and put up room-darkening drapes.
I mostly just practiced my monkey skills.
Daddy made the cover to my sandbox. Now we don't have to use the smelly tarp!!
Daddy's pride and garage shelving! Don't we look organized? All of the neighbors are impressed!
I helped put together a storage shed for the lawn equipment.
I'm going to be quite the handyman!! It sure was a busy weekend!