Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Baptism

Before we left
We took up a whole pew!
The ceremony
After the baptism, Pastor Rusty had me look at the whole congregation...my new family!Look how worn out I was afterwards!
We all went out for Mexican food at La Familia. Here I am with PawPaw and Billie! It was about a million degrees outside!

5 Months Old

Poppy & Grandma VG Visit #3

They drove all the way from Ohio with a canoe on top of their car! We tested out my first Little Swimmer...these are what Daddy makes!!!
Check out my new pool!

Warming up after getting out of the pool

Poppy had to do some work while he was here...
...but I was able to keep him distracted!
Grandma and I played with ALL my toys. I keep them in the Moses basket that my daddy came home from the hospital in.
This is MY Snoopy wearing the sheriff outfit that MY DADDY'S Snoopy used to wear!
Poppy feeding me
A little more tummy time...why do they torture me?!

Tummy Time

Tummy time is still not my favorite time of the day!

More Odds & Ends

Nana feeding me
Grandpa D's first time to feed me
I got some new fuzzy puppy slippers, but Maverick chewed one up. He's having a hard time figuring out which toys are his and which toys are mine!
One of my favorite things to do is watch the visualizations of my favorite songs on Windows Media Player. I'm captivated by all the designs!
I took my daddy's glasses off for him!
Mommy always laughs at my bottles and my dad's bottles together!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My First Plane Ride Was To Indianapolis

Here I am in my first elevator ride. Boy, was I tired. We left home at 2:30 a.m.! Oops, Mommy was wrong...I was in an elevator when I left the hospital! I had a feeding at the airport.Daddy and I walked around the airport while we waited to board the plane. I went over the emergency information before takeoff since this was my first time on a plane! We made it, and I immediately was able to meet Poppy and "Mom"...my Duke great-grandparents from Florida!! They liked me......and I liked them!!
Uncle Mike was the next person I met! He's from Chicago.
Then my Aunt Emily joined us. She said I can call her "Auntie Em"!
Finally, the next day, Poppy and Grandma arrived!!
I don't remember what Mommy was doing, but it must have been scary!!
Four generations of Dukes!
Here I am with my cousin Hannah. Her family gave me this "Future Rocker" bib. They want me to be in their band some day!
My cousin Lucas held me next. (Can you tell yet that I wasn't put down all weekend?!)
I had to take a bath the night before the wedding. It wasn't as fun as at home, but it worked!
Here we are, all dressed up for the wedding! Aren't we a handsome pair?
I made it through the wedding without having to leave the room! This is how I spent most of the reception...
Here I am with the bride, my cousin Kelsey.
The three of us on the big night.
They kept me up waaaaay past my bedtime!!!
Finally, the day my dad had been waiting for...my first swim!!
This is THE moment! The first time my foot touched chlorine!!! My cousin Tiffany was with me!
My dad took me on my first lap!
My folks were proud of me. I was calm and enjoyed the experience.
I was a little chilly afterward!
Grandma was the only one dry, so she kept me warm while I dried off!!
On the way out, Poppy snuck me over to the golf course! The last day, all the Dukes hung out at my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Debbie's house.
This is my Aunt Candy from New Hampshire.My Uncle Craig and Aunt Linda "regifted" this Penn State bib to me. My daddy had given it to Tiffany when she was born!
This is Uncle Craig. If you were at my parents' wedding, he was one of the ministers!
Again with cousin Hannah...she took great care of me and let my folks have a break!!
My cousins Kayley and Kiley
After a long Sunday of traveling, we finally made it home! What a weekend this was!!! I had a blast, but I was worn out!!!