Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brooklyn at 5 Months

Sorry she's in her jammies...but she's the happiest when she first wakes up in the morning...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Trying to get the perfect photo!!
It's tough while literally juggling two kids!
The one-kid photos went much more smoothly!

We gave Daddy the mister fan he's been wanting since last summer.
It'll keep us nice and cool in this yucky Arkansas summer!! It claims to keep the mosquitos away too! And it's just plain fun!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Rice Cereal & Other Fun With Brooklyn

Here goes...Daddy feeding B her first "solid" food
What goes in, must come out...
Ugh! What was that horrible stuff????
She looked excited and ready for attempt #2, but we had the same result. Rice cereal has yet to go down successfully!
She's doing much better at tummy time though!
She's REALLY happy when she's standing. She's ready to be a big girl!!
Here she is in the Miracle Blanket, which has not been as miraculous as it was for me. She's still getting up twice a night. Mommy is SO ready for her to sleep through the night!
Check out the blog from July 2007, and you will see this same photo of me! B and I are opposites though. I was happy going to bed while she's a big grump, and I always woke up a grump (and still do) while she wakes up cooing and smiling!
I like when she wakes me up though. I always want her to play in my bed for a while before I get out.
Here she is napping. She looks uncomfortable, but peaceful.
Mommy and Daddy have been so busy trying to catch her milestones with the camera that I have to beg them to take "more pictures" of me. It's hard to share the limelight sometimes, but overall I like being a big brother!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

KC Picnic at an Arkansas Travelers Game

Trying to be like the big boys..."Monkey see, monkey do!"Oh, how I would love to get down there and run over every inch of that field!!
This was Brooklyn's first sporting event...
She couldn't believe what she saw!
I spent most of the time in the bounce houses with the other KC kids...whatever happened to good old-fashioned sitting in the bleachers and watching the game with Dad? Kids these days...
I wore myself out in the 90+ degree weather!

Brooklyn was worn out too. This was her first time to use the recline feature of her stroller. It was way past her bedtime!
To cool me off, I had my favorite food on the planet--ICE CREAM! This was my first experience with Dippin' Dots. It was the longest I sat still the whole time...
See the concentration?!
I love baseball games, even though I watched about 30 seconds of the game!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Some Fun Family Photos

B in Mommy's "going home from the hospital" outfit. Mommy must have looked pretty little in it if it's just now fitting B!
Watching TV
Daddy trying out my position

No more kiddie mower for me!
Story time with Mommy. We're introducing B to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", my first favorite book.

Sharing My Gadgets & Gizmos

I let Brooklyn hang out in my bed sometimes.
She's liking the Bumbo chair more now.
I let her chat on my cell phone.She watches me eat sometimes. She drools over my food. I think she's ready for the real deal.
She sits in my bouncy seat. Sometimes I like to try my old gear out.
This is her only new gadget that wasn't mine...a super comfy bouncy seat. I'm jealous. She LOVES the mobile. I always turn it on for her.
She also loves the playmat.
She likes airplane as much as I did.
And she despises tummy time as much as I did!

Her new favorite thing is the kangaroo pouch. It's the only way to make her happy in the hours before bedtime!

She almost fills up the Moses basket!
I definitely fill it up!
We like hanging out together.
I even like to hold her hand, even though I'm a little shy about it!