Friday, April 26, 2013

Snow Pants and Sandals?

After asking Brooklyn to put shoes on before going outside, this is what I found. Is this a sign that Spring is almost here?


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poppy and Grandma Visit Appleton

It's been awhile since their last visit....Tyler's driving now!

After showing off his bball skills, Tyler took us to a local nature center. Note the sunshine!! It was the warmest day of the week! Tyler and Brooklyn found an real sized eagles nest!!
Brooklyn's favorite part was just hanging with Grandma.
Tyler's favorite part was pretending this real skunks skin was a puppet!
We also got celebrate Poppy's birthday with an Oreo ice cream cake!
The eagle nest was pretty cool, but this full scale model of the first space capsule to carry an American into space was much cooler! Even Daddy took a turn inside...somehow we didn't get that picture though.
And of course, the visit wouldn't be complete without at least one small project! After finally acknowledging that Poppy's plan was better than mine, we got the vacuum running like new again!
Thanks for a great visit!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scenes From Our First Wisconsin Winter

Jeff's first ice fishing experience....a 40" Musky!

Drilling the hole

The Camp. Yes that's a fire...on the ice!



Random winter fun!

Tyler's snow hole and tunnel....

Brooklyn's snow man...
Pretty winter Sunday...
Daddy's favorite winter pastime...
Shoveling is a fun family event!
And who can forget Snow Princess Leia! (who quickly became a snow princess climbing tower!)
First snow of the year.... Who says you can't ride your bike in the winter!
Even Nana loved the snow!
It helps to have a sledding hill in the backyard!
Yes...Tyler is standing on the mailbox....that is a LOT of snow!

And then there's the ice storm....winters grand finale (in APRIL!)....

.....and the clean-up.



Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Tax Day! The Snow is almost gone!

On the one hand, it makes me sad that there is still this last bit of snow on the ground on April 15th......
But on the other hand, look how far we've come!! Brooklyn is standing in the EXACT same spot just six weeks earlier!