Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Odds & Ends

 Waking Daddy up

 Sure, it's cute when Brooklyn does it, but Daddy gets REALLY upset when I take his glasses!

 Brooklyn is eating at the table with me now.  I graciously let her use my chair.  I miss it though. :(

  I still like to use the baby toys sometimes.

 That brother of mine--he's a strange one!  But he's fun most of the time.

 He likes me to have ALL of my toys in the pack-n-play!

 Sitting up in the deep end of the tub!

 Tummy time fun for everyone!

Hanging out with my bro

Brooklyn at 7 Months

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Model Train Show in Conway, AR

There were so many model trains in one room, I didn't know which way to go first.  My head was spinning!
We saw a train that a man had since he was 6 years old.  I could be him someday!
We saw the largest model train set in Arkansas.  It took up half the room!
Here I am waiting for a train to come out of the tunnel.  When it got close, the boy next to me touched it and derailed it.  But I knew I wasn't supposed to touch the trains.  I was very good!  I have respect for the craft!
There was a Thomas train set too.
Even Brooklyn was interested.  She actually likes to play trains with me at home.  Sometimes I get frustrated that she puts them in her mouth, but as long as I keep my favorites away from her, we have fun!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Rock Zoo

I've been to the LR Zoo enough times that I know right where to go when I get there...

...the choo choo, of course!!!

Mommy didn't get a very good picture though.  You know how those zoo trains go at super-sonic speeds!

Watching the animals is a pretty fun thing to do at the zoo too!

Brooklyn won't be able to go in her pack for much longer.  What will we do then?

A fun photo-op

A worn-out Brooklyn on the way home.  This is how she sleeps in her crib, so if her arms are tucked behind her head in the car seat, she is REALLY tired! 

I was copying's a big brother thing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burns Park in North Little Rock

We had to go house decorating shopping first--yuck!  Then the fun started when we picked up Wendy's for a picnic. 
Brooklyn is getting good at eating on the go.
After I made a total mess of my Frosty, we played at the greatest park ever!  The highlight was a caboose with a slide off the back!!
Chooooo  Choooo!!
I couldn't have been happier!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On to Green Bay to See Great Poppy & Great Grandma VG

Following Poppy & Grandma on our last-minute trip to Wisconsin.  You'd think it's close to Ohio, but it isn't!
One of our numerous stops!
But we made it, and Great Poppy greeted us right away!
B and I quickly took over the place with all of our tripping-hazard toys!
Great Poppy sure knew how to keep up with me!
He even knew the nose-stealing game!
Brooklyn was cooperative and let Great Grandma and Great Poppy hold her!
Brooklyn liked the same Packer guy that I liked when I was there the first time.  Must be in our DNA.
I thought my sweet-tooth came from Daddy, but really it originated with Great Poppy!! I ate ice cream, cake, AND cookies there! I loved it!
4 generations of VG men
The whole family...see Aunt Sue in there?  She came to see us!  (Thanks!)

We Stayed With the Hammonds

Alexander and I were happy to see each other, as always!
We played...
...and played.
Daddy and I aren't telling Mommy how this one happened...
Brooklyn is just about big enough to hang with us!
Here's a photo of Uncle Andy and Aunt Hilary since Mommy and Daddy forgot to take one when they came to Arkansas a few months ago.
Thanks for letting us crash at your place, guys!!