Sunday, August 13, 2017

Annie's Campground

We had a blast!

More Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun

Tie-dye, food, spikeball, a swimming pond...the fun never ended!

Camping with B's Friends

So fun to camp with new people! Learned a new art project and looooved their hammocks!

Flight Night!

It was Flight Night at Darboy Park. The weather wasn't right for the hot air balloons to take off, but we got to go in them. And B got to turn on the's LOUD!! Oh, and we waited FOREVER for 4 minutes in the bounce house. What is up with kids and bounce houses?????!


Hard to capture, but B looked pretty tough skating with a parachute for the first time!

Intermediate School & the Saxophone!

Went to picture and paperwork day and started the saxophone at band camp this week!!!

Boise Randoms

Hiking Hull's Gulch

After seeing the football stadium, we explored the Boise landscape with a really, really hot hike! There might have been a bit of whining, but it was cool to see Boise from up high and see the different landscape.

Breakfast at Aunt Michelle's

It was such a fun week!! Lots to do. Lots of fun people. Tyler really bonded with cousin Griffin and slept over at his house one night. Brooklyn enjoyed talking to everyone and playing volleyball with the big kids!

More Reunion Fun

Lots of pool time. It was nice in the 100 degree weather!! There was always a cousin to play with...there were 101 people there! Tried the local Dutch Brothers Coffee...Brooklyn was a fan.