Thursday, December 8, 2016

Olympic Gold Medalist!

Tyler won gold...Student of the Month for his class!!! The coolest part is that in past years, the teacher picked the student. This year in Tyler's class, the kids vote for who they think is the role model student!!! Quite an honor!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

St. Nick's Day

The kids wrote their letters to Santa and left them out with their boots for a visit from St. Nick!!!!

Ben, Our Elf

The kids set out candy and chocolate milk the night before Dec. 1st so that Ben would come back this year. Elves apparently really like sugar! Tyler read us all the Elf on the Shelf book before going to bed, and in the morning he was here! When we got back from the Big 10 Championship a few days late, we arrived to find out he's a Penn State fan too!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Rough first half, but they rallied in the second!!!! One happy Daddy!!!!!

Big Ten Championship!!

Fan Fest

Lots going on in the area!


Made it to the stadium!

Off to Indianapolis

A morning of tag and hide and seek, and then we were off to the game. Stopped for lunch at Scotty's Brewpub in West Lafayette, IN, home of Purdue!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Emily's New House

We spent the night with Matthew and Betsy at their new place in Chicago on the way to the Big Ten Championship. They are only 2.5 hours away now!!! Matthew is quick and not into getting his picture taken...

T's Winter Concert

First time he has said yes to a speaking part!!!! And he did great!!!!!

B's Winter Concert

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up

Four Square--the kids are loving having more opponents! PSU vs Michigan State--heading to the Big Ten Championship!!! Homework is more fun next to a Christmas Tree!!