Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Odds & Ends

All snuggled in, sleeping peacefully...
..."Wake up, wake up! Time to play!"
Showing Brooklyn some of my moves
What a crazy brother I have! Not sure about his dancing!
Can you say "mac and cheeeeese"?
Brooklyn's first attempt at accessorizing...she's definitely got style!
Playing with Daddy
Snuggling with Daddy
Hanging out with my pal Marlee in my bus

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Poppy & Grandma's Visit After My Birthday

We had our own mini-party the day after my Thomas party. Poppy made me a special lock box that I can keep my prized possessions hidden in. It's really special!
They gave me a wheelbarrow so I can help Daddy in the yard!
I've already used it to rake leaves!
They also gave me a me-sized broom so I can help Mommy. Mostly I like to sweep her piles after she makes them!
Uncle Mike and Auntie Em sent me a train engineer's hat!
It seems to fit me very well!
They took me to the park.
They took me to the zoo. The giant turtles were my favorite this trip.

They took me to the Children's Museum.

Poppy took me on a bike ride around the lake a few times.
We walked across the Big Dam Bridge, a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River.
We were super busy! Perhaps extreme fatigue is an explanation for the following pictures...
Brooklyn pledged her loyalties while they were here...on the quilt that Aunt Jessica made her!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daffodils at Wye Mt. & Pinnacle Mt. State Park

We arrived for pictures in the daffodils in less than ideal conditions. It was NOT a beautiful spring day!It was a blast though. There were all kinds of paths for me to run through.
Like Texans take pictures in the bluebonnets, Arkansans take pictures in the daffodils every year.
I picked a flower for Brooklyn.

Me and "Gra"
The family photoThe rain lightened up, so we went to a state park to hike. First, a quick snack in the car.
All ready to go!
I loved every minute of the hike!
Grandma must have been bored...she's on her cell phone! On a hike! In a state park!!
And here's Poppy, at the top of the mountain, with a beautiful view, and he's on the cell phone too!!
Daddy and I took it all in though!!
Poppy's turn. He took me back down!
Even Grandma wanted to try it out!
We were worn out from our full day, and no one wanted to cook. So we stopped for Brooklyn's first trip to a restaurant. She slept the whole time, of course!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

LIttle Rock Marathon

Poppy and Grandma took me to the marathon. We hustled to see Daddy at a few different spots along the route.We found some things to see along the way, like a fire station...
...and nature. Good ol' Daddy in his bright colors. He's always easy to spot!
I got a little antsy and had to use the monkey pack.
But I was pretty good most of the time.
It felt like a long time, but Daddy actually had his fastest marathon ever and met his goal!
Finally, the home stretch!
Here he is, a sub 3:30 marathoner! Congrats, Daddy!!!!