Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brooklyn at 4 Months

Brooklyn was more interested in eating the bear...We tried on two different days...
Can you tell she likes to eat A LOT? Mommy says this is what a 25th percentile 2-year-old looks like with a 90th percentile 4-month-old!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

My third Mother's Day
Brooklyn's first Mother's Day
Some cute pics of Brooklyn all dressed up today
With the rose Mommy got at church this morning
Brooklyn's first arts and crafts activity...making Mother's Day cards! She and I made butterflies together.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Hammonds Visit from WI

Even from miles away, Alexander and I were meant to be buddies! We discovered we have matching shirts! Really our mommies are alike and both shop at Kohl's... ...and they even had the same shoes when they arrived at the airport! They must be kindred spirits!! Alexander and I had a little shyness at first, but we quickly picked up right were we left off last summer when I saw him last. Maverick was glad to see Alexander again too!
Brooklyn wore her Packers outfit so they would feel at home.
We had one nice day the whole time they were here, and we went to the zoo to take advantage of it.
We of course rode the train. Alexander is a fellow train-lover!
They tried to get a picture of us in the cut-outs, but neither one of us would cooperate!
We were hot and worn out by the end, but it was a blast!!
That night, Grady came over to play with us. My parents, Grady's parents, and Alexander's parents all used to live in Paris, TX together. They go way back!
The next day was very stormy, so we stayed inside and went to the Children's Museum. Alexander was asleep when we got there, but he quickly got going!
We found all kinds of things to get into.
Brooklyn found her favorite toy...a mirror! She was actually awake at the museum. She didn't even see an animal at the zoo. She didn't even know we were at the zoo. She slept from the time we left the driveway to the time we got back home!!!
Daddy had a bummer of a weekend. His back was causing him a lot of pain. Here he is laying down in the Children's Museum. He could only manage to walk for 20 minutes before he needed rest!! Luckily, he didn't get run over by any little kids!
All great outings involve snack time!
To help Daddy's back, the physical therapist said Mommy had to give him "bear hugs", but Daddy said Uncle Andy did them better!!
Aunt Hilary put Brooklyn in the Bumbo chair for the first time! B didn't really like it at first, but now she's getting used to it.
She spent most of the weekend watching us boys...oh, the stories she could tell!! See the shock in her eyes?!
It was fun to have a bath buddy...
...and a teethbrushing buddy!! I sure wish we lived closer together. We're trying to get his parents to move more southward where it's not freezing 90% of the year, but it's not working!!