Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving & The Train Ride

Daddy injecting the turkey before frying it. I learned how to say "gobble, gobble" and flap my arms like turkey wings. Here I am in my safe zone during the frying. Daddy would hide somewhere around the truck, and I would have to find him. If I couldn't, he suddenly popped up!!
After the frying, Daddy carved the turkey...
Mommy posed for a big belly photo...
And I was just a goofball!
Here's Nana with her beautiful table spread.
I had my own special place setting...guess who was under my fancy napkin?!
No nap for me after the big meal. I climbed on Grandpa D, and he never even knew!
I just sat in his lap and watched football by myself!
Even Daddy was out like a light.
The next night, we went to the same train we went on last year since I'm a little bit obsessed with choo-choos!!

Grandpa D and I braving the chilly and rainy weather for some photos!
Daddy took me up to where the engineer sits!
It was nice to have seats on the closed car!

I loved riding on the train. I asked Santa for a train table this year. I'm going to be on my best behavior in December, so hopefully I'll get a big surprise on Christmas morning!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

20 Months Going On 20 Years!

Reading the paper
Watching TV like a pro
Eating with utensils

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mommy's 31st Birthday

Since Daddy opened his birthday presents early, Mommy wanted to too! I bet they won't let me open mine early though!
The presents were cool, but I still like the boxes the best!
And the wrapping paper second best!
Daddy made his first cake ever for Mommy! Red velvet with cream cheese frosting...yummm!
Here it is!! It's Mommy's fault it's a little messy and has some pieces missing. Daddy made it the night before and Mommy couldn't wait until her birthday to have a piece. And she couldn't wait until it cooled, so Daddy had to put the icing on too quickly!
Finally, the day came.
I loved the cake!!! Daddy did a great job!
Mommy had more love on her birthday than she knew what to do with!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Great Gobbler 5K in Maumelle

Daddy coming to the finish...he had already run 7 miles BEFORE the 5K even began! He's in training mode for the Little Rock Marathon.
My face sums up the morning. It was the coldest day of the year, and I was NOT pleased to be spending it outside. I was very snuggly and didn't even want to run around! I'm going to have to find my inner Wisconsin blood somehow!
Daddy warming up by the fire back at home
Check out those cool trophies...a turkey for being one of the first 25 males to finish the race, and a plaque for being the fastest male in Maumelle in his age group!
Here I am warming up and feeling much happier! Maverick and I are enjoying Daddy's turkey!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

To document the first election of my time, we stopped in some random neighbors' yards to take photos. I hope we didn't look too odd!! I was a little embarrassed!!
Both candidates would probably make good presidents, but I know who my choice t-shirt says it all!! Grandma bought me this shirt the last time she was here, and I think it's right on the money!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun With My Playgroup

I've told you about Emily (on the left) before, but now we've added Ella Grace to our playgroup that meets every Thursday. Sometimes we go to each others' houses, and sometimes we go on outings, like to the park.

Sometimes it's hard to be the only boy!

We swing together
And slide And feed the ducks
And there's always a snack involved.
A couple weeks ago, we fingerpainted for the first time!
It was messy! I loved it!!
We also go to storytime at the library sometimes. Once we went to The Wonder Place, a play center in Little Rock. Whatever we do, it's always a blast!!