Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chicago Botanic Gardens Train Display

Gingerbread Houses

Millennium Park and The Bean


Saw the beautiful window displays and went up to the 9th Floor to see their world-famous tree.

Sear’s Tower, Window Shopping at a Rare Coin Store, Macy’s Decorations

Arrived at Union Station

Taking the Train into Chicago

The Delicious Meal and Lots of Old-School Nintendo

Jeff was deliriously happy reliving his youth...Mario Cart, Tetris, Street Fighting 2, Dr. Mario. It must have taken his mind off being 40! The kids loved it!!

Macy’s Parade, Pie Making, Cute Place Markers

A Cube for Matthew’s Early Birthday

Thanksgiving Morning

No one wanted to get up early to do a Turkey Trot, so Jeff and the kids did their own! Sticky buns for breakfast as all good holidays begin.

Santa Scamper

The kids and Jeff ran the scamper, but we opted to watch the Appleton Christmas Parade on our couch this year!