Saturday, November 26, 2016

Appleton Christmas Parade


Champion Meet

Another great meet...six out of seven races were personal bests!


B has adopted Tyler's reading in the car habit!

Swimming With an Olympian

T got to practice with an Olympian and a Big 10 Champion!! And get autographs!

Surprise Breakfast Party

The kids pulled off a surprise morning while Jeff was out of town. Cake for's gonna be a good birthday!!

Party at Nana & Grandpa D's

That's a big number on the cake!! The kids sure picked a lovely card out!

Sneaky Cake Making

Making Mom's cake before Dad left town. Jeff wasn't home for the big day, so they had to hide a cake early!

Veteran's Day Concert

Wearing Red, White and Blue!

Election Day

They kept track of who won each state on a map. Almost as much fun as scoring baseball games!

We Have a Roof!

Bell Ringing for Student Council

Fall Invite

T got to swim in the lane Jeff was timing in!

Patio is Poured!

Complete with handprints and initials!!!

Patio is Poured!

Patio Fun

We've had some fun things in our yard lately!

Game 7

It was a tough loss, but the Indians (and their fans) gave it their all. It was some gooooood baseball!

Free Tacos

Thanks, Cleveland Indians!!! Free tacos for all of America to get Game 7 started. It was a bit of a wait, but it was worth it!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Family Photo!