Sunday, November 3, 2013

Disney Day 5 - Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney

Our final day at the parks started before the sun came up!  Back to the Magic Kingdom!

Brooklyn was SUPER excited to be visiting the Magic Kingdom again!  She did everything she could to help Mickey open up the park with gusto!

Once at the Park, Brooklyn was still excited to see the Princess Castle!!

 Because we got there so early (extra magic hours for our last day), there was no waiting at the Barnstormer...we got to ride it FOUR times in a row!!

After the barnstormer, we headed to the tea cups for some more fast spinning!!  Mommy and Daddy couldn't handle that one more than once though!

Then of course we had to ride the train!  We rode it all the way around the whole park!

After the train, Mommy and Brooklyn split up from Daddy and Tyler.  The girls went to see all the princesses, and the boys rode all the roller coasters...and of course more snakes!!!

Looking longingly at the "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!"

Afterwards we met back up to say goodbye to all our Disney friends at the parade!

Waving Good Bye!!

While we were waiting for the bus to take us to Downtown Disney (where the giant LEGO store is!), Brooklyn practiced her audition to be a Disney theater announcer...

LEGO Store at Downtown Disney

What a GREAT family vacation!!

Disney - Princesses and Roller Coasters!

Brooklyn's Favorite Princesses




Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Snow White




Ariel (with fins!)



And Roller Coasters!!

Disney Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

Another early morning bus ride...this time to the Animal Kingdom!

After traveling halfway across the country and going to the most Magical Place on Earth, Tyler was content to play on Mom's iPhone and Brooklyn was happy playing with rocks.  Hmmmm.....

After the park opened, we rushed to the Dinosaur area....we were the first ones there!  

Tyler's favorite part of the day was showing Mommy as many snakes as he could find!  Check out this one hiding in the grass at the restaurant!

After finishing lunch, we stopped by the bathrooms where I had to explain to Tyler and Brooklyn what this antique object was hanging on the wall.  After explaining what a pay phone was, I made another startling discovery after Tyler put the phone to his ear and said..."Daddy, what's that noise?"   In the cell phone world that we live in, Tyler he had never heard a dial tone before!!  

Is that Mount Everest off in the distance?

Looks like 6-year old Tyler is no match for a 6-year old Gorilla!

More snakes!!

Can you say Oink Oink!!

Only at Disney World...

A yummy ice cream treat!

Everest is getting closer....Let's go ride it!

First time down...a little unsure...

Second time down.....Whooo Hooooo!!

After a wild ride down the mountain, time to head back to the hotel for  BIG Coca Cola and a little football!