Monday, November 30, 2009

November Odds & Ends

Brooklyn helping Mommy with the laundry...

I had a different strategy...

Brooklyn looooves baths.

Coupon clipping

Look what I found on the floor...candy corn!  See it?  Mommy didn't at first.  When I told her, she was looking under the couch for some leftovers from Halloween, but couldn't find it.  Silly Mommy, the light from the window was making a candy corn on the floor!!

Ready for shopping

btho t.u.!!  Does Mommy's heart good to see such a beautiful image!

Fun reading times

I found a nest in a tree after the leaves fell off!!

Helping Daddy bag the leaves

Brooklyn watching us in her silly hat

Hanging out with my turkey

Brooklyn helping Mommy feel better.  She's good at that!

Going for a "walk"

We spent a lot of time outside this fall.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

A 58" tv and we still stand right next to it.  My parents wonder why kids do that.  It makes perfect sense to us though!!

Brooklyn is 10 Months Old

Brooklyn was a little bit wiggly this month.  It was more about climbing on the bear rather than sitting nicely by the bear! 

Then things turned really ugly...a little brotherly-sisterly bonding!!

She's finally big enough to WRESTLE with!!!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving in Ft. Worth

Arriving in Ft. Worth...Nanny came out to greet us!

Then came Paw Paw!  Brooklyn was a little shy.

It didn't take long for me to explore the front yard...

We arrived just in time for the big turkey dinner!

The handsome men

The other end of the table, minus Nana

Brooklyn looks happy, but she was actually teething and couldn't eat anything.  She had a bummer of a Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe next year will be better for her!

Teaching Nana a few tricks

We played some exciting rounds of "Matches"...most people call it "Memory", I hear.

I got to Skype Poppy, Grandma, Aunt Jessica, and Uncle Mike!!!

Brooklyn often talks with her hand out for emphasis.

Mommy let Brooklyn play baby games on the Internet.  She loved banging away.

Way too close to the tv

The weather was beautiful, and we spent a lot of time outside.

There were some projects that needed to be done though.

Daddy helped replace the antenna in the attic.

Job well done by the engineers.

There was lots of snuggle time.

And snack time

And story time

And rest time...can you find me?

And nature time.  Can you find my friend?

Brooklyn and I wore our Christmas outfits for our family photo shoot.

Have to zoom out to see the shoes!

Mommy jumped in!

We took a zillion billion pictures with the tripod!!

After a while, I needed some time to be free.

The great grandfolks!

The family minus the wandering me.

Sooooooooo cute!!  Off to dinner!

At Joe T. Garcia's

Too yummy to stop eating for a photo!

Brooklyn dumped the Cheerios when no one was looking!

Checking out the gardens at the back of the restaurant.

Burning off some energy at the park

You know how I looove a good park!

Mommy is hoping I learned my lesson about taking off my shoes everywhere I go.  Woodchips are not so easy on the footsies!

Brooklyn peed on Mommy, and we had to leave.  Bummer!

More stories

Brooklyn slept well on the trip, always in her favorite sleeping position.  So adorable.  I'm more sprawled out and all over the place.

Trying on my hat.  She looks cute in it.

Brooklyn had a record length of time sitting by someone on a couch.  She and Great Paw Paw bonded!

I was a little more wiggly.  Shocker!

Back at home.  We had to get a photo of B in the Thanksgiving bib because Mommy forgot it on the real day!  We had such a blast in Ft. Worth!!!