Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fox Cities Half Marathon!

2 Chuck-a-Puck Winners at the Gamblers Game!! What aim!

Planting Our New Decorative Tree

Brooklyn’s Special Gift for Dad

First she made him a special can to hold whatever he wants. Then she gave him 41 notecards, each with something about him. Some were sweet and some were hilarious!!! Like "Fantasy Football Loser but master to me."

Tyler’s Special Gift for Dad

Tyler gave Jeff a Rubik's Cube box. You have to solve it to be able to open it and see what's inside! He had to work hard to get to his super cool card!!

Happy 41, Jeff!!!!

Cake Decorating

Jeff’s Birthday Breakfast

Brooklyn feels that no one should eat boring cereal on their birthday!!

Our New Trees to Define the Back of the Yard

New Season, New Uniform

Temporary Sleeping Arrangement

Flag Duty for the First Semester!!

Time for a “Big Girl” Room!!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Last Stop! Ship Rock Wayside in WI

We think it looks more like a locomotive engine instead of a ship though!!!

SPAM Museum

Couldn't pass this one up either! 3 of us tasted SPAM for the first time and actually liked it! This museum was probably the busiest place we went to this week after Mt. Rushmore! Crazy but interesting!