Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

I had been looking forward to New Year's Eve since waaay before Christmas.  I saw an episode of "Max & Ruby" where they taught me about it.  I went around yelling, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" all the time.  So, we had a big to-do on the real 7:15 pm.  I don't think I'm ready for midnight yet!!  Grandma made us some silly hats, and we had beads, blowers, and noise makers.  The best part was the cupcakes, of course!!  Check out some of our silly photos!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bradenton Beach!!!

We finally made it to the beach!  We were all prepped and ready to go.
For some reason I thought you had to take all your clothes off at the beach, but they assured me you don't have to.
Brooklyn loooooved the sand.
I looooved the water!!
And I really loved throwing the mud!!!  Until I tried a bite.  I misunderstood when they told me to taste the WATER.  They should be more clear next time. 
Brooklyn's first step into the ocean...she was NOT impressed!
Heading off for a walk
Grandma enjoying some rays while on video duty!
Yuck!  But a good kind of yuck!
Another attempt at the water.  It wasn't happening.
And then disaster hit with sand in the eyes and mouth.
Mommy took her for a walk for a change of pace.
Cookie break with two of my favorite people!
Then another disaster hit.  I got some kind of needles in my feet.  I did a pretty good job while they pulled them out.
Even with the crises, we had a blast at the beach.
And I finally got to get naked...all the way home!
Brooklyn ran in when we got back to tell GG all about our super fun day!!!

Children's Garden in Sarasota

Heading into the garden with Grandma, wondering what we would find.
I knew I would like it here when one of the first things I saw was a choo choo with a face!!
Ahoy, Matey!!
I found lots of things to climb!
And lots of trails to explore!
Brookyn even found things to do!
Silly Daddy on top of the octopus
I wasn't fearful at all.
Hanging out with Poppy in the tiki hut
More hanging out
Man, I have to work hard to keep up with Grandma!
But we found time to relax and enjoy too!
I think I like it here.
Ready to set sail...
the maiden of the Black Pearl.
She needs to be a tad bit taller for a shoulder ride!!
Daddy snuck Brooklyn into the costume area while no one was looking.  We have a ton of pictures of her in some odd outfits!!
Poppy found a great place to rest.
This was one of the coolest places we've ever been!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Mote Aquarium in Sarasota

Right away, we saw an favorite on Diego!!
But I liked the eel behind the glass better.  This was as close as I would get to this one!!!
Brooklyn enjoyed her first aquarium.  She hasn't even seen the fish at Walmart like I got to see when I was a baby.  Our store in AR doesn't have them!!
She really kept her eyes on the fish!
Being silly with Mommy
Daddy helped me touch the things in the tidal pool.
I'm not sure I liked it though.
Are you sure I'm safe from that shark??
This bench might have been Brooklyn's favorite part, just because she got to walk around!
She also liked looking at the giant sea turtles.
Trying to get a palm tree photos never seem to work out though!