Saturday, July 26, 2008

World Championship Cardboard Boat Races

We thought this was yet another strange Arkansas thing that we were being introduced to, but apparantly cardboard boat racing is a popular event around the country. Kimberly-Clark had two entries. Daddy got to be in the preliminary heat! He's pedaling on the yellow boat.
The boat arriving on shore.

Daddy wasn't expecting to have this great privilege, so he wasn't prepared or dressed for the event!!
My favorite part was the balloons the radio DJ kept giving me.

The beach was pretty cool too, but it was all goopy mud at the shoreline.
The Discovery Channel was filming the event. Daddy's boat came in second place, so they were interviewed. Daddy might be on TV. We'll keep y'all posted.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July with Poppy & Grandma

The visit began with Grandma's birthday celebration!
We walked to the lake for fireworks. Check out my first glowstick.

It was cooler than the fireworks!

The BIG project of the weekend was the SANDBOX!!! I've been wanting one for years!! Ok, maybe just months!!!!
The pictures don't really do all of Daddy and Poppy's hard work justice. It was tough digging into rock!
My first trip in!!

Lovin' every second here with Poppy!

Big Meanie Mommy said it was time for bed. I was NOT happy to leave my new sandbox!!!
Poppy and I put the rest of the sand in the next day while Daddy was at work.
Poppy and I found a new toy with wheels.
The secondary project of the weekend was the kitchen faucet. Before...
After... Mommy and Daddy are trying to jazz up their boring all-white kitchen.
Don't worry, the weekend wasn't all about work.
There was plenty of time for reading.
And snuggling. Was Grandma sneaking in a nap?
Grandma brought me a chair and desk from her school. Now I have a place for arts and crafts!
I really liked Grandma's flip-flops.
Showing off my teethbrushing skills
Playing IN the toy basket
Cooling off with a cold drink
A trip to the Cold Stone Creamery...yumm-o!
One last photo the night before they left. We had a great week in Maumelle!