Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2 With Poppy & Grandma

Poppy & Grandma arrived on Christmas Eve 2 right around my bedtime. My parents actually let me stay up late to play with them!! Guess what I showed them first?!?!?
Poppy (aka "Pop Pop") gave me my milk, and I headed off to sleep.
When I woke up it was Christmas all over again...
I saw a workbench from Poppy and Grandma waiting for me!
I knew just what to do with the stocking this time!!
The slinky was my favorite gift in my stocking.
Grandma helped me open my new stacking train. I loved it of course!
She also helped me put together my new Thomas puzzle.
Poppy and Grandma wore special hats for the occasion...

Mommy received the exact same pedometer that Daddy has given her the last 5 years. Literally, it's the same one. Maybe this is the year she actually takes it out of the package and uses it!!
After all the excitement, I needed some fresh air. Grandma took me for a walk while Daddy grilled steaks.We watched a round or two of Frosty.
Phew, two Christmases can really wear a guy out!

The Rest of Poppy & Grandma's Visit

The next day was our last ultrasound for my baby sister. I'm starting to be able to walk myself wherever we go without wandering away!!
Poppy and I leaving after a good doctor's visit
Here's what Mommy looks like now.
My parents were able to get some projects done while I had a ton of entertainment! Daddy pretended to be a plumber, although his history with water projects is a little shaky.
Mommy did some artwork for my sister's room.
You can kinda see the ladybug over the crib. It's a little pink in there, but at least there are bugs!
I helped Grandma clean the new freezer...
...and thought I'd give myself a good scrub at the same time!
Daddy managed to squeeze in a few runs. Check out his new cold weather outfit! Pretty stylish!
Poppy and Grandma took me to the park even though it was a little chilly! Mommy would never have done that, and I loved it!!
We watched the Rose Bowl. And that's all we'll say about that.
I look pretty good in blue and white, huh?
Touchdown!One of the highlights of the week was when Poppy and Grandma took me to the zoo!!

Look what we found!

I also liked the leaves...
...and the puddles...
...and the benches...
...but NOT the gorilla! Other than him, the day was perfect!!
Some final pictures before they left.

Luckily, Poppy and Grandma were able to say good-bye to the AT&T U-verse people on their way out. Let's just say that we spent much of our holiday with them.
We started to clean-up all the Christmas decorations and I gathered all my musical favorites and played a symphony. Mommy and Daddy were oh-so-sad to see them all packed up!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

Nana and Grandpa arrived, and we went out for Mexican food. Then we came home and had some holiday fun. Nana and I raced cars.
We watched Frosty more than a few times.
I made a Frosty craft.
I did some wrestling.I gave tons of hugs. I even started calling Grandpa D "D" for the first time. It made his Christmas!
After a bath and putting on my Christmas jammies, we got the cookies and carrots ready for Santa and the reindeer.We put them right where Santa could easily find them.
I wanted to make sure everything was just right... I tried one of Santa's cookies.
It passed inspection.
Then I tried a carrot...luckily, no one took a picture as I spit the carrot back out!! I didn't like it, but it seemed perfect for the reindeer.
With everything in place, I was off to bed!!! I wanted to make sure I was asleep when Santa came!