Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Odds & Ends

Like my new BIG BOY UNDERWEAR?!?!
I even let Thomas try on my underwear!
And I get to wear Pull-ups too!!
Daddy dressed her today...'nuf said.
Just a cute church morning
Another Sunday
Getting into trouble!
And getting on top of things
And getting under things
And looking for more trouble
But she's gotten really snuggly, which makes up for all her stinkerness.  Mommy and Daddy are loving it!
Our playroom has now pushed the office out.  We get the WHOLE room!
We have tea parties in it!

We have tantrums in it.  (I'm having one too, you just can't see!)
And of course, we play trains in it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brooklyn's One-Year Bear Photo

I'm bigger than he is now!
You have to work fast to catch a picture of me!

Brooklyn's First Birthday!!!

Off to a great start with birthday pancakes!!

My parents sure think Brooklyn is pretty great!

Lunch at Mr. Pancho's

Lovin' that Mexican food
We were all surprised by a serenade!!  Not all of us were happy about it though!
Singing?  Dessert?  What's not to love?
Hmmm...if she doesn't want her special dessert...
Back home for present time!!
I tihnk she liked being the center of attention.
She had a good ol' time...

On the box from Poppy and Grandma!  When will everyone learn that all she needs is paper and a box?!
Time for cake

She wasn't so sure at first.
Daddy gave her a little encouragement.
Then she got going!

With her birthday candle from GG and Poppy Duke
I've got to admit, I have a pretty cool sister.  Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!

Snow!!!! On Brooklyn's Birthday!!!!

Brooklyn is sooooo lucky!!!  What a birthday present!!
Let's go!!
Check out our house!!
See the snowball I threw at Grandpa D??  I caught on to this game really quickly!!
This is GREAT!!
Brooklyn chillin' in the wagon (literally)
Looking at the water flowing under the!!
I FINALLY got to make a snow angel!!!  I've been wanting to for months!!
Snow angels quickly turned into wrestling...and giggling!!
Redneck sledding
I wouldn't have it any other way!!!