Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 2

Another successful day! 13th place in the 100 yard breaststroke! He had PR's for all three events over the weekend! We couldn't be more proud!!!!

Day 1

Success!!! Tyler is the 12th fastest 9-10 year old 50 yard breaststroker that swims for a YMCA team in the state of Wisconsin. Not half bad!!! Went back to the hotel for rest and relaxation...but couldn't pass up a pool all to themselves! Tyler became coach Tyler and gave her a ton of advice!!! Then a team pasta dinner that night...the team tried to get one of their coaches to drink a concoction they created. Poor guy!

The Scene

Team hang out area. Team sign. The pool. Tyler on the blocks (swimsuit with blue on the leg). And it's go time!!!!

Y State is Here!!

Tyler was awakened to Jeff's Race Day Playlist...a little Rocky to get him pumped up! Waiting and freezing to get in and get good seats. Looking like a serious swimmer with his gear. The fan club is ready in the stands!!!

Night Before State

Cracker Barrel for dinner...T made very healthy choices. And solved the peg puzzle...a good sign for the weekend! Goodie bags for great seasons for both kids!!!!

Dad Doing 2nd Grade Homework

...he might have made it a little harder than it needed to be!! See Brooklyn's note in the upper right corner!

State Sendoff

The team had a fun night of food and games to show support for the 16 state swimmers. Tyler was the youngest and only 9 year old to qualify. The lights were turned off, and the kids entered the room one at a time with a spotlight as they were introduced and their qualifying events were announced. Super cool!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

After the Game

It's been a wonderful season. B now says she likes hockey better than dance...that's really saying something!!!!


Last game of the season. Lots of gear, last-minute coaching, a great game, the pile-on-the-goalie after the win, and leading the handshake!

End of the Season Tournament

Our home tournament...Monsters on Ice. First two games--she scored 6 goals! Third game she played goalie!!

Present Time!

After a busy day of swim and hockey, we stopped at El Azteca for dinner and finally headed home for presents!


Another alternative cake!!!