Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday!

Good morning!  Mommy made Brooklyn a special birthday breakfast!!

Making cupcakes for school...

For her third birthday, Brooklyn decided to have a Gymnastics birthday party.  Mommy bought her a special purple birthday leotard!
The kids spent the first 20 minutes doing laps around this was genious!  All the kids running around on the floor....
...while all the parents relaxed in the observation room!!  GENIOUS!!!

Brooklyn loved the spring board...

...and the track!
But no one was faster on the track that big brother Tyler!!

After letting the kids burn off all their energy in the beginning, they all lined up on the track...and the teacher let all the air out!!  What a great way to keep them all contained!!
Next it was time for organized games.

Everyone loves the parachute!

Phew...all that fun and we still haven't had cake yet!!  See the pretty Dora cake?

Opening presents...

...and handing out goody bags!

What a party!!!  Now it's time to do it all over again at home!!

She was VERY excited to open her gifts!

What birthday would be complete with some Packer family decals?

What a beautiful little girl in front of her new vanity!  Now she can get "pretty" every morning!!
Jamming with her new guitar!

Face time with Paw Paw and Nanny.

Sporting her new ballerina dress from Uncle Mike....she looks so big!!

The next day, Mommy took Brooklyn out to eat at her favorite "Cheese Dip" restaurant (Mexican) while Daddy was out of town.  It was a lot of fun until they decided to surprise her with a loud Happy Birthday song!!!  
Flashback:  Same restaurant on her 1st birthday....I guess some things never change!!

Here she is watching her new ballerina videos from Grandma....she may have found her calling!!