Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some Firsts

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My first triathlon medal at the Paris Triathlon!

Trying out the kangaroo pouch...I'm in there somewhere...
...can you see me?

They caught me sucking my thumb for the first time! Oops!

Just a photo of my cute self!

One Month Old

Watch me grow...we'll see how I compare to the bear on the 11th of every month. My dad says I need to work on my posture!

I'm getting to be quite handsome!

My friend Clint came to visit me.

Taking it easy...

My First Easter

Check out my basket from the Easter bunny! It even had my name on it!

The crash after too much Easter candy!!

My crazy teacher mom reads to me ALL the time...even on holidays!!

I'm learning the Darby tradition of napping after big holiday meals!!

My dad decided to fix the car on Easter while the normal people were sleeping.

My folks and I in front of our azaleas in our backyard. It looks like spring, but it was REALLY cold!

Later we had our picture taken in the bluebonnets...a Texas tradition!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

News Flash!! We're Updated!

Good news! I just taught my mommy how to update this blog! So now (as long as I let her sleep a little during the night), she'll be able to update it for me! So add this site to your favorites and be sure to check in on me from time to time. I love hearing from all of you!! Love, Tyler

My mom's new favorite picture of the two of us!

Check out those Huggies--my dad says only the best for me!

Some of My New Friends

Mrs. Ponder and Mrs. Collins--my mom's 3rd grade teacher buddies.

Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Robinson--my mom's bosses.

Angela--my mom's ex-carpool pal and music teacher at her school. She's making fun of one of my weird faces. How rude!!!

My parents' friend Monica from Arkansas--her son Grady is one of my pals!

My parents' friend Melanie from Paris--I'm so cute, she couldn't turn away to look at the camera!!!

My parents' friend Brent--a future Ironman like my dad (and maybe me someday)!!

The Ponder Girls--I'm so precious they had to fight over who got to hold me!

All My Gadgets

Tracking my weight gain

Just a swingin'
In my crib
It took 2 geniuses to put my Pack 'N Play together!
Nana gave me my discovery mat!

I use it to work on my neck strength and do baby push-ups.

My rocker is the only way my mom can get a shower!!

I like sleeping in my Moses basket better than anything else! (Mom & Dad are thankful for it!)

I'm not a big fan of my bathtub though (nothing personal Uncle Mike)!

Funny Faces