Monday, February 21, 2011

Brookyn's 2nd Birthday

The day started with waffles and scrambled eggs...two of B's faves.
 "Favorite Baby" was waitng for her at her special birthday plate!  It was a "Favorite Baby" party--that's what she calls this doll that she always sleeps with.
 She got used to all the attention pretty quickly!

 Opening her new dress for the day
Later that morning we went to one of her favorite places to play--The Wonder Place.
 There's never a dull moment at The Wonder Place...a new surprise at every turn.

 Her friend Lydia came to celebrate too.
 And her brother Samuel came to hang out with me.  Thank goodness!
 Presents with friends

Now back home for family presents
 A new backpack like my train one.  Now Mommy doesn't have to carry a diaper bag anymore.  She's going to make us carry our own things!
  She got down to business with the presents! 
 She even looked at the cards more than I do!
There was even a present in the pile for ME!
 It was so nice that we had to play outside.  Last year on this day, we were playing in the snow.  See that I'm wearing shorts this year?! 

 Being silly with Nana
 Later we were off to the park to try out her new scooter.
 She's a natural!
 Break time.  I think I like it now that B is older and can hang with me!
 We worked up an appetite and went out for Mexican food.
 Perhaps the most exciting part of her birthday was the next morning when she was able to have one of MY Flinstone vitamins.  Now she doesn't have to take the yucky brown liquidy vitamins!!!  Yay for her!

Brooklyn's Baptism

All dressed up and ready for the big day.  Sorry for all the's just rare that we look this nice!

Brooklyn's Skype Birthday Party

Poppy & Grandma sent Brooklyn a box of presents.
 The box itself was of course just as much fun!
 Grandma said she could open the littlest present first... was a special birthday shirt!
 After she put it on, we Skyped them to open the rest with them.  Love that technology!
 First was a Dora and Dora blanket.  She loved them of course.
 Can you tell what my favorite gift of hers was????
 A THOMAS Little Engineers Train Set!!  It's made for toddlers, but works with my big boy trains!!  We BOTH loved it!
 We played a little hopscotch for them.
 After saying goodbye, we had B's official "Favorite Baby" birthday cake. 
 She loved it of course.
 I had to help a little, but I didn't mind.  Hmmm....does my wish come true too?
 She's a much more sophisticated eater this year.
 Only slightly messy!  What a great weekend we had!!