Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Odds & Ends

Brooklyn is quite a hit at playgroup. My friends are more into her than my toys...especially the girls. She's always smiley around them.
Look friends love my sandbox as much as I do. We'll get a lot of use out of it this summer!!
Brooklyn is getting old enough to play with Daddy now!
She loves it!
He's not all fun and games though!
But most of the time it's great to be with Daddy!
One day I just decided (without any parental prompting) to make a train with all my backyard toys. Mommy was excited because she hasn't really found any train outside toys. I can find trains anywhere!
She said I HAD to wear my engineer hat!Now, it's an official train!

Brooklyn at 3 Months

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peabody Park in Downtown Little Rock

We went to the River Market to buy fruits and vegetables, but it was no place for kids! Too crowded!!

Jax and I were getting antsy...actually I was getting a little ugly. They caught me pinching him! Not my finest moment. (I also pulled his hair, but that wasn't caught on camera!)

Luckily, there was a super fun park nearby.
"What do ya think, Jax? Should we do it?"
Both sets of parents were unprepared for the fountain, but they let us be boys and go in it anyway.
It was the time of our lives!
Not so much the time of Brooklyn's life though!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Maumelle Family Fest

My parents forgot the camera, but luckily Jax's daddy saved the day with his cell phone and caught my first pony ride!!

Mommy held me tight and wouldn't let go...
...but Daddy let me be brave. I did a great job!! I looked like a pro! I wasn't even wobbly!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Getting a bath the night before to look good in her Easter dressLooking for eggs... my Christmas jammies! Brooklyn had the right theme though.
The new favorite photo of Brooklyn!
As the big brother, I had to tell her about how the Easter Bunny works.
A cute pic with Daddy
The whole fam heading to church

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mommy & Me Easter Egg Hunt

I knew right where the best eggs were! They let me get 12 eggs. I had them in no time!
Hmmm...did Emily get better eggs than me?? She seems confident that she did.
Time to check them out with Mommy
I think I found some good ones. Note the chocolate on my face...I might have tasted a few of the treats.
I shared the ladybug eggs I found with Brooklyn.
Today was fun for the whole family!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Arkansas Railroad Museum

We went straight to the museum from the Little Rock Easter Egg Hunt, so lucky me had the rare treat of McDonald's! Yummmm!!
My parents took me here to feed my obsession! I loved it!!Check out how much bigger this engine is than me and Brooklyn! I've never seen one this close up!
I couldn't believe how big one wheel was! It was like 3 of me stacked up!
Can you find me?
About to board the engine...they let us go in a bunch of railroad engines and cars.
Sitting on a kid-size train. There's one just like this in my favorite video from the library. It was cool to sit on, but I wish this one was working though.
Daddy and I checking out one of the model trains. Today was a special model train expo where there were lots of vendors and models set up.
Daddy took control of the entire Arkansas railroad system! I hope there weren't any accidents!
C'mon, Dad! Let's run on the tracks!
Mommy's favorite part was the snow plow. She didn't realize such a thing exists.
We ended the visit with a tour of the "red caboo"! How appropriate!!

Little Rock Easter Egg Hunt

It was kinda strange to hunt for eggs on the sidewalk, but I had a blast anyway! My buddy Jax was there.
And my buddy Grady too
Time to check out my eggs!
Brooklyn missed all the fun. She can sleep through anything. (Mommy and Daddy say this is a good thing!)
Afterward, I played with an egg in the fountain in front of the Clinton library...
...and completely soaked my pants. It wasn't exactly a warm spring day either.The Easter Bunny came over to surprise me.
I didn't want to pose with him, but at least I didn't cry like I did with Santa!
One of my favorites was there...a firetruck! This was the feeble attempt of two sets of parents to get a picture of Jax and I together!
We found a bounce house next. Mommy and Daddy are having a hard time getting pictures of me while I'm looking at the camera. I'm just too busy with life to stop and pose for them!
See the two yellow dots on the hill? That's Jax and I...
...we wore ourselves out going up and down a zillion times! We're definitely two peas in a pod!
Turns out Easter eggs are fun bath toys!