Friday, November 16, 2007

Mommy's 30th Birthday

It all started a little early at our weekly Monday Night Football gathering...the girls were all dressed in black! Mommy was able to blow out ALL 30 candles!
They gave her some funny gag gifts to make her feel old.
And just like at Daddy's 30th, the balloons were my favorite part!
On the real day, Daddy and I gave her our special gift. It's an apron that says, "I LOVE MY MOMMY." It has pictures of me eating all over it.
She fed me lunch with it on. I was messy as usual, but Mommy was NOT! Yea!
Daddy thought he would be funny and wear all black. (Really he just wanted an excuse to wear all of his Ironman Finisher stuff!!!)I wore a shirt that says, "My Mommy is only 30", so I'm her favorite!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8 Months

Odds & Ends

Here I am watching The Man!
But I know what my true favorite team is!
I'm turning into a monkey!
My new favorite place is under the table.
Melanie taught me how to bang on a pot!
I love making noise. I finally figured out this stick is for hitting my xylophone, not for putting in my mouth!

To a Wedding in Charlotte, NC

17.5 hours just like this! Mommy says I deserve a medal for being the best baby ever since I was so good on the trip!! We finally made it...It was nice to stretch my legs!
And it was nice to bounce and jump in my Exersaucer. (Thank you very much Daddy for dragging it all across America even though it's huge and a pain to pack in the truck. It was very good for me to exercise during the trip!)
My fancy bath in the fancy sink at the Hilton!
Here I am with Matt, the groom. He was a college roommate of Daddy's at Penn State.
We're off to a pre-wedding shindig. I'm wearing my pumpkin hat because we had to celebrate Halloween on the road! Here I am with the happy couple. They loooooove babies, so they'll probably be having one soon!
Waking Daddy up the morning after the wedding.

Here I am with Daddy's 2 other roommates...Jack (from PA)...
...and Ron (from FL).

From NC to Panama City Beach, FL & the Days Leading to the Ironman

Our fourth hotel of the trip...the best for last! My first trip to the beach!
All was well...
...until a wave came along.
Mommy tried to get me excited again, but it was just too cold!
Daddy heading out for a practice swim. We had to follow him along the shore to make sure he didn't swim out to sea!
Back at the hotel. They built me an office on the bed where I could hang out.
We still had to get my reading in, even on vacation!
I learned how to hold my own juice in Florida!! Daddy painted me a onesie to wear at the race!!!
Lots of friends and family wrote quotes to Daddy to inspire him. Thanks to all of you who emailed!! They were all over the condo!Mommy and I made a couple of posters to put out on the run course.
Remember this shirt from the hospital pictures? I finally fit into it! My folks were waaaay off about what I could wear at birth!
My first Halloween was in Florida!!
My first mustache experience.
Right outside our condo! See our view of the pool and the ocean? That was the life! I'm going to give my parents a retirement home like that someday!

It's Finally Here...IRONMAN FLORIDA!

Here we are at 4:45 a.m., ready to head to the race. See the bandage on Daddy's neck? We're telling people that it's a shark bite from one of his practice swims!!
Did you notice our shirts??? We were ready to support Daddy!
Poppy was ready too!
And Grandma was ready too, of course! It was a very cold start!
Brent, Russ, and Daddy...the crazy trio.Daddy saw us between the first and second laps of the swim!
Here's Daddy heading over to me after the swim to give me a big, WET kiss. The whole crowd went, "Awwwwwww!"
Poppy drove all over Florida to catch Daddy on his bike.I chose to nap while Daddy was on the bike!
Hanging out on the run course. I took over Grandma's whistle...she decided not to blow it for Daddy. It was a little slimy.
26.2 miles is a long wait!

We headed to the finish line and found a prime spot. We were squished, but we knew Daddy would find us!!Here comes our Ironman!!!!!!!!!!! He quickly found us! A well-deserved medal!
After a few minutes, Daddy started to freeze!!!Daddy got a massage and some warm clothes, and all was well!
All three of them finished faster than their goal times, sooo...
...there was only one thing left to do!