Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To a Wedding in Charlotte, NC

17.5 hours just like this! Mommy says I deserve a medal for being the best baby ever since I was so good on the trip!! We finally made it...It was nice to stretch my legs!
And it was nice to bounce and jump in my Exersaucer. (Thank you very much Daddy for dragging it all across America even though it's huge and a pain to pack in the truck. It was very good for me to exercise during the trip!)
My fancy bath in the fancy sink at the Hilton!
Here I am with Matt, the groom. He was a college roommate of Daddy's at Penn State.
We're off to a pre-wedding shindig. I'm wearing my pumpkin hat because we had to celebrate Halloween on the road! Here I am with the happy couple. They loooooove babies, so they'll probably be having one soon!
Waking Daddy up the morning after the wedding.

Here I am with Daddy's 2 other roommates...Jack (from PA)...
...and Ron (from FL).