Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nana's Family Reunion in Boise

It was a rough trip right from the start. We were stranded in the Little Rock Airport for hours.
Then we were stranded in Houston for hours.

Then we were stuck in Denver for the night, with only the clothes on our back. Luckily, the hotel had a bed for me!

This was Mommy's first time in Colorodo. See the mountains waaay back in the background?! She was pretty excited since she thinks the hills in Arkansas are mountains.

Back to the Denver airport...thankfully, all went well the next day.
We made it to Boise in time to crash the Aunt/Uncle luncheon.
The first afternoon was a pool party. The water in Idaho is NOT warm.
The next day we visited my Aunt Jackie's paint-your-own-pottery store.
I'm not sure I liked it though.
And I certainly don't like being held for pictures anymore. I'm not the photo ham I used to be. I have too many other places to go and other things to do. These are three of my twenty-something cousins.
Later that day we went to the lake. Nana looked pretty cool on the jet ski with Aunt Paula and cousin Dan.
I liked hanging out with my cousin Reagan from Seattle.
Day three was a trip to the park with fun backyard games.
And that evening was the big luau shindig at cousin Todd's house.
There was a ton of sand!
Even though I can't jump, I liked when other people bounced me on the trampoline.
Mommy, Nana and I taught everyone how to do the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" at the talent show. We brought a little of Texas out west.
Check out the giant beanbags cousin Todd has!!
I was off to bed and headed home the next day. Fortunately, it was an uneventful trip!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poppy & Grandma's 35th Anniversary in Solon

Chillin' with Grandma after the long trip up thereShe taught me how to play the piano.
Don't I look like a natural?I was fascinated by the vents in the floor. These basement houses are nifty!
Time for some swimming
My "Cool Dude" look
Manly bonding More manly bonding
I'm not quite big enough for Daddy's old climbing tower, but the mulch underneath sure was fun! And I'm certainly not big enough to walk Maestro!!
Time for the big anniversary celebration at Maggiano's
They let me sit at the head of the table without having to pay!!
Uncle Mike gave a great speech!
Fun with the tripod when we were back home. Everyone looked so nice, we had to take some pictures!
Hangin' with Aunt Jessica
Playing cars with Uncle Mike
More anniversary celebration that night
We watched old home videos that Uncle Mike changed into DVDs from something called VHS tapes. Not sure what those are all about. They had a special chair that was just my size. Can you tell from my face that we've partied all day long?!
Wandering around Poppy and Grandma's AWESOME backyard
It's Father's Day. Daddy got a Penn State brainwashing DVD for me to watch!
We got matching "Big Guy" and "Little Guy" shirts.
The start of a new generation on the giant family rocking horse!
I found a little touch of home!
On the rocking airplane
More piano practice
More swimming
Solving the world's problems with Uncle Dan
A final photo the day we left. We had a blast at Poppy & Grandma's!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun for Maverick

Mav's favorite...bathtime!!
Wait, it's not MY bathtime!!!!
Ok, maybe I'll try it.
Mav had a friend over for a few days.
She liked my chair the best!