Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day!!!!!


We made Mother's Day cards the week before... was quite a project!!

Here's my mommy and me on the big day!
Mommy and Nana opened presents.

Look at all their goodies! My daddy and I had a special project of making my footprints and Maverick's pawprint in plaster. My mommy LOVED it!
The 3 of us!!
Yummy red velvet cake with cream cheese mommy's favorite!

The Mother's Day excitement wore me out!

Random Things That Have Happened Lately

My first fingernail went better than my folks expected!

My dad thinks I have an old man's hairdo!

This is my Penn State pacifier. My dad ruined it though...he left it boiling in the pot a little too long!!

I'm starting to figure out who Maverick is!

He sure likes to lick me!
Apparantly, I make some funny faces while I sleep!

My mom and I at a Cinco de Mayo party...I slept the WHOLE time!!

Bathtime isn't so traumatic anymore!

I love to take naps with Nana. See how I'm hugging her??

Look at the OLD grandparents rocking on their rocking chairs!! TeeHee!

Check out our backyard! Thanks to both sets of grandfolks for helping us out!

5K's in My Jogging Stroller

On Cinco de Mayo, Mommy and I did our first 5K together...she and I walk 3 miles everyday, so we were ready!!
Don't be fooled, the first place ribbon is my daddy's...Mommy and I did a great job though! We walked with another mommy and her baby, so we weren't so speedy.

The next weekend we did the Walk for the Arts...this 3rd place ribbon is REALLY MINE! Clearly, there weren't many people in my mommy's age group!

Daddy of course was 1st place in his age group...maybe he needs to run with me and see if he's still as tough as he thinks he is!!!

2 Months Old

Here I am compared to the bear. I'm about 9 pounds now! I can hold myself up a little better now!

My Darby Great-Grandparents Visit From Ft. Worth

This was the first time Nanny got to hold me. She was at the hospital when I was born, but she was sick. She could only see me through the glass!!

They just can't get over how cute I am!

Then it was Paw Paw's turn to hold me!

A group photo before they left...I can't wait to go on their boat this summer!!

Poppy & Grandma VG Visit #2

Here I am with Grandma!

Here I am with Poppy!

They took good care of us, so Daddy, Mommy, Maverick & I all got some rest...
My Aunt Jessica sent me some cool slippers!
I learned that VanGompel men make breakfast. I'll have to learn soon so I can make mommy breakfast in bed!
My dad showed my grandparents how they swaddle me at night. It looks uncomfortable, but I love it!!
Can you guess what I'm doing??????

We decided to get out of the house the last day they were here...

First, we went to Chili's...don't worry, I didn't drink it!
Then, we took my first trip to Home Depot!!

Poppy worked hard to get rid of our poison ivy...Look, Poppy, you got it! We took these pictures a few days after you left!!!