Saturday, August 10, 2013

Daddy Visit's China

August 10th, 2013
Daddy took a business trip to China.  Here he is in Hong Kong.

One of the world's most populous cities with construction everywhere you look...and most of it was done with Bamboo scaffolding!

Double decker bus

View of the famous Hong Kong Skyline from Victoria's Peak

Food at the buffet was.....a little different...

...and so were the toilets.

As much as he liked China....nothing is better than coming home.  Check out the cool souvenirs that Daddy brought us!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Packer Family Night!

August 3rd, 2013 

It all started with tailgating 3 hours before the game.  We literally parked in someone's back yard!


Entering the stadium for the first time!

Our seats were in the North endzone...only 3 rows up!

Crosby was 3 for 8 on the night....could this have been his last public performance at Lambeau?

First drive of the game....Aaron Rodgers is driving towards us....

He's on the 5 yard line.....

Touchdown!!!  See that red shirt?  That's Aaron Rodgers first Lambeu Leap of the season!!  Less than 15 yards from us!  Later on, rookie running back Angelo Pease scored a touchdown in our corner of the endzone and leaped directly in front of us!  We were only 3 rows up and could almost touch his helmet!!