Wednesday, July 11, 2007

4 Months Old

Monday, July 9, 2007

First Attempt at Solid Foods

Here's the first meal! UPATE!! YES, we know this cereal was recalled!! Yikes!! Luckily, we only gave it to him this one time and all was ok!!!!!! Daddy "fed" me first.
Then it was Mommy's turn.
No one knows how much was actually swallowed!!
Back to the trusty bottle!!

4th of July

My bedtime is before the sun goes down, so we did some sparklers before dark. They were interesting...I wasn't really sure what was going on!
My folks watched fireworks from the driveway. My mommy was bummed that she had to hang out with the baby monitor instead of me!!

Aunt Jessica & Grandma Visit

Aunt Jessica from Washington, D.C. came with Grandma to visit me. We took a tour of the city.

We celebrated Grandma's birthday with her first grandma cake!I wanted to sit at the table for dinner, so they propped me up in my high chair for the first time.
We tried the kangaroo pouch again...I fit in it much better this time!
I'm wearing my Daddy's sweater from when he was a baby!!!
Maverick was excited someone wanted to play with him!
Aunt Jessica liked playing with me too though!
One more picture before heading back to the airport.

Odds & Ends

This is me going to bed in my Amazing Miracle Blanket!! I LOVE bedtime!
Check out that baby in the mirror. Isn't he good looking???
With all the rain, our grass grew really high. Daddy got a little creative when he was finally able to mow!
This is my first bottle feeding!!! I took to it like a champ!
Now I'm so good, I can help Daddy feed me!Mommy's music teacher friend A-A-Angela is teaching me a few things. She can play way more songs than Mommy can! She thinks Angela will be my first word, but I know it will be Mama!
Check out my shirt!
Mommy caught us sitting the same way!!
My first airplane experience. I had a hoot! I can't wait for my first real plane ride in a few weeks!