Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poppy & Grandma Visit for Spring Break!

Instant hugs from me in the driveway!

Brooklyn pretended to be shy!
But Grandma had her reading stories within minutes!
They brought us some REALLY BIG books!
The next day, we celebrated my birthday!

And played with my new toys
Brooklyn loved my new Thomas lamp from Aunt Jessica the best!  (I love it too!)
We're so glad Poppy and Grandma are here to play with us!

Wye Mountain Daffodil Fesitval

Mommy insisted I bore you with a TON of photos of us in the daffodils!  Sorry in advance!

Out & About in Maumelle

We had some other fun times out and about while they were here, like at our park.
I might have gotten a little wet at the Veteran's Memorial.
We went out to dinner.  Love snuggling with Grandma!
Poppy likes to teach me big kid things!
5 VanGompels
Who are those monkeys in that tree???
Brooklyn isn't a baby anymore.  She keeps up will all of us!
Cuuuu-ute!  She's looking in the fish pond.
We're checking out the turtles.
Whoa, Daddy...not right after dinner!

Good Times at Home Too

There's always time for a new track layout.  Poppy is REALLY good at this!
I got some new curtains in my room.  Bye-bye cardboard!
I caught Poppy stretching in the hallway!
I was a big help this week.

Check out Brooklyn's new ladybug quilt that Grandma made her!
We played my new Thomas game a zillion times.
I practiced cycling
We wore Brooklyn out playing, playing, and playing some more.
We relaxed and read too.
And played even more.
Daddy has a new helper this spring!
Scary project of the week--rerouting the dryer vent through the garage wall.  It amazingly went quickly and smoothly.
Silly times
More pedaling practice
Color-coded train circles
Fun with mulch...I think we do this every visit!
 B and I were a ton of help.
But we took some breaks here and there
Mulch done...time for planting
B getting into the middle of it all
Dirty and tired
A hard-earned meal while enjoying the beautiful weather together
Love those steps!
We played a little bit more that night, and then went to bed.  Poppy and Grandma left before we woke up the next morning, but it was ok.  We had soooo many fun memories to talk about for weeks!!  We had a great visit as always!!!