Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Odds & Ends

Watching the Indy 500 again this year!
I now sit in my chair out of my own free will WITHOUT being strapped in. It's quite liberating!

But Daddy is always the best chair!
My new thing is getting into laundry baskets!

Just a fun hanging-out-with-Mommy picture. Our sectional sofa is now my climbing tower. Mommy & Daddy may regret me doing this later, but for now, I'm working on climbing skills and balance.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meeting the OU Gang in Texarkana

The day started with a really COLD swim. I don't think it's time for swim season yet!
I experienced my first Ike & Tina "Proud Mary" really WAS quite an experience.

I went up and down the stairs a few times...well, more like a few hundred times!
"The OU Gang"--Mommy & Daddy were a little upset with them because they got to stop in Paris to eat at La Familia on the way to Texarkana. Not fair!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Trip to Wisconsin

We flew into Chicago, and we were able to meet Uncle Mike and Auntie Em for breakfast!
I was VERY tired after the traveling. Luckily, we had a 3 hour drive to Wisconsin!! I slept the entire way!!
Our first stop was to see Alexander (the son of my parents' friends Andy & Hilary)!!! We actually played together some this time.
I drove him around...
...then he drove me around!
I did some yardwork before we left to thank them for letting us stay!
While we were there, we hung out with our buddies Riley and Ryan. Their parents lived in Paris too. It's a strange phenomenon, but 99.9% of my parents' friends from Paris had boys for their first children. Something must have been in the water there!Our next stop was to Great Poppy and Grandma's house! My favorite things to do were to hand them my toys...

...and go up to them and pat them. I was adorable!
I had a blast at their house...lots of new things to get into!
Daddy and I on the front porch
Daddy thought he was quite the photographer with this picture...see Poppy in the window?!
Playing in the shrubs...I can entertain myself anywhere!
Mommy and I trying a sidewalk walk. It was my first time to roam free on a sidewalk!
My Great Aunt Sue came to visit! Doesn't she look way too young to be a GREAT Aunt?!
Daddy found a new way to keep track of me...he used Poppy's grabber that he uses to get things without bending low or reaching high!I enjoyed playing in the suitcase during the trip!
Poppy playing phone with me!
We gave Poppy & Grandma a chance to rest...they aren't used to toddler noises and activity all day long! We drove around and found a great park on the river.

We stayed a couple hours, and I was pooped!
I loved the Packer snowman in the window.
Poppy was nice enough to let me play with it. I didn't hurt it though!
Getting a hug from Poppy.
One last picture before we go...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a fun day of decorating the new house! Daddy and I had to do the projects that Mommy wanted done! Then we went out for Mexican food. Check out my t-shirt!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Toad Suck Festival (it's an Arkansas thing)

We had a great time because it was the first event we've been to that I could participate in. Usually, I just hang out in the stroller, but this was tons of fun!
Daddy and I at the top of the $3 slide.
We're on the left, and Russ and Grady are on the right. Our Ironman daddies are going to race. Think I was scared??
No way! Here we are at the bottom...I loved it!!!