Monday, September 19, 2016

Pitcher and Catcher!!!

Big game for Tyler!!!!! He got his pitching big break! Pitched 2 full innings...struck out 4 batters and no runs scored!! It was awesome!!!!!!! He looked right at home on the mound! He played catcher for the first time, and did a great job there too!

Jeff's 39th Birthday #1

Nana made her famous cheese enchiladas, and Brooklyn helped her make cheesecake a few days before! Fun! Can't believe 40 is a knockin'!!

Mom & Son Camp 5

The weekend was definitely one of the highlights for me in mommyhood!!! It ended with a silent candle walk through the woods, lined with scout sayings and signs about what boys need from their moms. Tears for sure! Love my T!

Camp 4

Tyler won 3rd place on the Monkey Bridge and 3rd place for energy production on the bike!! Out over over 100 kids!! He was awarded at the huge bonfire Saturday night.

Camp 3

Saturday was a day filled with activities that we could go through at our own pace. Super fun!

Camp 2

We made the coolest keepsake. We two-man sawed off a piece of wood and had it branded with the Mom& Son logo. We saw an original Scout handbook from 1910! Tyler might have been the most interested kid in the Council History Museum!

Mom & Son Cub Scout Camp

Stamping, making a luminary, and Mom surviving her first night ever in a tent!

Random Moments

Tyler doing a bit of coin research before school. One of many towers that have been built out of bathroom supplies. They're quite impressive. The World's Tiniest Ponytail.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

2 Games in a Row

B played 2 games in a row and was exhausted, but she played hard...even in the rain!!

First Soccer Game of the Season

All ready to go!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Karate Buddy!

B got to try karate tonight. It was her friend Evelyn's bring-a-friend-to-karate-night. She had a hoot!

First Day of 2nd and 4th Grades!